Style Your Home: Summer Fun

AS we kick off the summer, we look to enjoy and soak up the warm rays of sunshine and. Indoor entertaining turns to outdoor barbecues and al fresco dinners. We’re here to show you how to bring the summer into your home.

This season, we give you some tips on how you can bring a little sunshine into your home to reflect the warm summer, or even all year round in the iciest of temperatures.

Summer Fling with Summer Colours

Pastel was so last season. Summer is all about bright, bold colours. But how do you balance the line between tasteful and garish? Start by keeping it simple with a few small, statement pieces that are eye-catching. Instead of changing up your entire couch, change up your cushion covers to bright colours like orange or magenta. Or better yet, put up some bright unframed artworks, to keep in line with the rustic, outdoorsy feel of summer.

Mia Farizza

Mia Farizza’s seductive exploration of explosive colours are often romantic and sensuous. The dream-like abstract universe she dreams up are feasts of colours reminiscent of underwater oceanscapes, verdant jungles, or wild-flower gardens with mythical creatures peeking through. Putting up one of her works would definitely add warmth and dimension to the space.

Bringing the outside, in

How do you create the scent of summer indoors? Put up some citrus scents like sweet orange, or kill two birds with one stone by fighting off mosquitoes by using Citronella. You’ll have your home smelling fresh and summery in no time. Another useful tip is to put up some great photography of mother nature at its best, which would definitely brighten up even the gloomiest parts of your home.

Anuchit Sundarakiti

Anuchit Sundarakiti often takes ethereal photos of nature basking in the light at different times of the day. He celebrates the beauty of each branch, leaf, and bark in every photograph.

Combating the summer heat

Summer can be a tricky time when looking after artworks. Much like putting sunblock on our skin at the beach, artworks do need their fair share of attention as well. They can be very sensitive to the changes in weather, and require a little extra effort in ensuring the environment doesn’t change too drastically. Here are a few tips to aid in protecting your works: Running a dehumidifier several times a week can help to keep the home dry and relatively moisture free, as humidity can often affect works by weakening the adhesion of the paint layers causing paint loss. Secondly, draw the blinds and keep the sun away from your artworks as it causes paint to fade and turn yellow. Lastly, you can use a white cotton cloth and gently dust any build up of dirt, but should you think there is significant damage to your artwork, it is best to see a professional.

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