Artist of the Month: Sven Pfrommer

For the month of September, we catch a few moments with photography, lecturer and visual artist Sven Pfrommer.

Currently residing in Manilla, he is also an active traveler, something which fuels his inspiration for his art. We managed to get a moment with him despite his busy schedule.

What are you currently working on?

I have a few Hotel projects which keep me busy at the moment. I am currently creating works for a new hotel on Broadway, New York, with a backstage theme, and recently did a shoot in Penang, Malaysia also for a new Hotel project. Another upcoming hotel project will be new artworks for a 5 Star Hotel in Mallorca, Spain.


You mentioned that you find inspiration from your ‘active travels around diverse Asia’. What are some of the places you have been to before that gave you the inspiration behind your work?

During the last few years I travelled extensively across south east Asia and found a lot of inspiration while exploring the different countries. The most inspiring for me is still Angkor Wat and even after 5 visits, I am able to discover something new every time. And of course, Hong Kong is always a photographer’s paradise.


What would you say is your most defining piece / series of works?

I originally started with printmaking, mainly photo etching, so I would say my early photo etching projects like my artist book about the “Aesthetics of Disappearance” are still in my list of favorites as it required a lot of craftsmanship and sweat. From my photography works, the “Human Blur” series is also a success in my eyes.

Sven  Pfrommer - human_order_9

Sven  Pfrommer - human_proximity_1

Sven Pfrommer’s Human Approach series, coming soon to ART LOFT ASIA.

Which artists do you admire?

I like Robert Rauschenbach, Antoni Tàpies, Gerhard Richter and photographers like Anton Corbijn and Sarah Moon.


What are some of your future plans?

For the rest of the year I’m looking forward to visit and create works in Myanmar and maybe China. I have 2 more upcoming art fairs this year which I’m also looking forward to.

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