Artist of the Month: Manisa Lekprayoon

Who is your favourite artist that you look up to? Why?

I admire many artists. For example, Geoff McFetridge. I really love his simple line drawing with a strong message.


You mentioned before that its a “difficult task for a designer to work with an open brief”. Has it gotten easier over time?

It hasn’t gotten easier. It is still challenging but my feeling towards an open brief has changed. I feel more confident with my ideas.


What inspires you in your art? What do you do when you hit a mental block?

My passion for travelling, buildings and simple things in my daily life always inspire me. I have a mental block most of the time, but I don’t view this as a problem. What I normally do is go back to my sketch books, and there is always something that inspires me. Often, reading always helps.




What are some new projects/works that is coming up?

I am working on textile designs for men’s clothing. This is new to me and I am so excited! For my personal project, I have recently been interested in the core concept of Buddhism. I hope to have some hidden messages in my new work.


Any word of advice for other budding illustrators?

In an age where we are able to access things and see many nice works easily, We can get easily distracted. Just keep doing what you are really happy doing and keep practising. This is Key!


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