Artist of the Month: Anuchit Sundarakiti

Tell us one interesting story that happened while you were photographing your works. Share with us the photo that inspired this story!

Photography leads me to many different places. I’m always surprised and excited at where it will take me, as I collect many stories on each of my travels.

Bangkok Railway Station is a place that really inspires me. Once, I met an old monk who traveled from at-risk areas in the south of Thailand to a hospital in Bangkok just to get treatment. He hiked for over a thousand kilometers and had to take a train ride spanning over 500km just for the return trip. You could see that he was exhausted and yet, determination sparkled in his eyes.

There are thousand of stories from the 100 years of history at the Bangkok Railway Station. It inspires me to explore the concept of time travel and the movement of people. I started photographing this place over the last 5 years, using the movement of trains and people to tell a story.

Tell us of an experience that you encountered that help shaped your perspective as an artist

Since I have a background in architectural studies, my perspective is to focus on the idea of light and space and the emotions that it triggers. I have always liked the concept of how light, space and man are interrelated. I feel that a picture often tells a story, and will bring out emotions that transcend any language and cultural barrier.

After so many years of being a photographer, what is your current favourite photo?

My favorite photo would change from time to time. This one (below) my current favourite.

Bangkok Station

What is your opinion of the art community today?

Despite having a vast history of more than 100 years, artistic photography still struggles to be acknowledged as a form of art. Up till today, there are still challenges in gaining recognition for our works. Some art galleries in Thailand don’t view photography as art and see it for commercial use. It’s tough but I still keep trying my best to fight for photography as an art form, and truly appreciate people who see the value in what we artistic photographers do.

Share with us some challenges you face as a photographer and how you deal with them?

I meet challenges in my work all the time. Just like how its prevalent here and around the world, the biggest challenge is to be accepted as an artist in the society.

I try and overcome this by creating a community where likeminded creative individuals can come together to share ideas and their works. I believe that we should connect and present our works to others proactively instead of waiting to be discovered and approached.

Words of wisdom, or a favourite quote you live by?

The Thai King had a life concept that encouraged all things for the betterment of society. He once said, “Photography is an art. Take good advantage of it. Do not shoot for fun or beauty only. Use images that are of value to society and for the benefit of the people”. That quote stuck with me and became part of my identity as a photographer.


Besides your art practice, are you involved in any other type of work?

After an early retirement from architectural design, I dedicated my time to art and photography. I have also set up a group in Thailand for Arts and Creativity Photography enthusiasts so that there is platform where we can share our knowledge to promote better understanding.

What are you currently reading, watching, listening to, or looking at that inspires and fuels your love for art?

I read books all the time as well as search for knowledge through the Internet. Currently, I am studying the trajectory of Wabi-sabi , a way of Japanese Buddhism, which tells of the beauty of the concept of space. It will help with my conceptualizing process when creating new works next year.

She was reading a book in the hall

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