Artist of the Month: Allison Marie Low

This August, we shine the spotlight on local artist, Allison Marie Low. Allison, a graduate from UNSW College of Fine Art in Sydney, focuses on the theme of human complexities in her works. We caught up with her to give us a little more insight into her intriguing mind.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on new pieces in the Oddlings series, for my Solo Exhibition in Sydney this October. I am also making new works for The Affordable Art Fair, and preparing to start on a new series for my next Solo Exhibition here in Singapore.



Your works focus a lot on the ‘psychological complexities’ of the human mind. Is there a reason behind it?

The human condition is a wonderfully strange thing, and I’ve been fascinated with the strange for as long as I can remember. Situations that seem so normal and part-of-life to us become stranger and stranger on closer observation, and in turn so much more beautiful.

Co-existence has brought about a kind of understanding that humanity’s folly is often driven by an innate desire to satiate a very primal need. It is difficult for me to verbalise, which is why I have chosen to communicate these thoughts through imagery.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Most of what I do is based on my fascination with human behaviour – what i’ve observed in myself or in others that are close to me. At times, even in strangers.

The subjects in my work are often depicted in exaggerated scenarios, where they are struggling with co-existence, vulnerability, loss and above all, choice. We begin to deal with these things as children and as we grow older – as we become more inclined to ‘better behaviour’ – we are still jarred backward into a childlike state of disregard for consequence when we are most vulnerable.

I am interested in the uncontrollable and innate desire that drives irrational human behaviour, and the question of morality in the matter. (I could really go on and on here)


Which artist do you admire?

There are many artists whose works I adore. However, nothing has come so close as Egon Schiele’s ability to make my soul ebb and flow to the gravity of his life portraits. He will forever be my most favourite.

What are some of your future plans?

Some of the plans I have in place involve a solo exhibition at Air Space Projects gallery in Sydney this October, the Affordable Art Fair in Singapore this November, and spending the next year putting my next solo show together.

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